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About Us

More than 10 years of experience in cleaning service

TKT Clean provides comprehensive, high quality, reliable solutions in the cleaning industry, cleaning for Offices, Companies, Buildings, Commercial Areas, Schools, Hospitals, Homes Machine… The strongest point of TKT Clean is cleaning solutions according to Green, Biological and Environmentally Friendly technologies.

Service management with dedication and professional ethics to create High Quality, Consistent service is at the heart of the Business Philosophy of TKT Clean cleaning services. We pride ourselves on the fact that our company management is always accountable to our customers through our Hotline, so that customers can interact with our director, or manager immediately.


To be the leader in Vietnam in providing cleaning services with the most cost-effective, reliable, quality, and cost-effective Green cleaning solutions to our customers.


We will provide cleaning service in all Cities, Provinces of Vietnam. Every locality is committed to quality, values ​​and common principles.

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Our members

TKT Clean is a small player in the industry with a large group of specially trained employees dedicated to providing professional cleaning services.

Core values

Our goal is Customer Satisfaction. Hotline phone number is always open 24/7/365

  • Customer-oriented: We serve our Customers the way we do for ourselves. We always value every customer’s opinion and use it to improve the company’s work and the service provided.
  • Eco-Green Orientation: We choose Green, Natural, Biological Cleaning Products, Equipment and Processes that do not harm the living environment, people and equipment.
  • Research and apply new technology: We train employees to ensure high quality service. Besides, we are constantly learning, researching and applying the latest cleaning technologies, which are natural, green and environmentally friendly, allowing us to provide the best cleaning solutions for our customers.
  • Expansion and development: We build a reputation in the market, make an impact in the industrial hygiene industry community. We build lasting relationships with our customers. Besides, we always expand the scope of service provision, to create more jobs for workers.

Company development history

TKT Clean provides industrial cleaning services with more than 10 years of experience

TKT Clean has built a reputation in the industrial hygiene industry in Vietnam, especially with GREEN cleaning products and processes. We have a history of continuous development with a focus on customer improvement and provide high quality cleaning services throughout Vietnam.

The expansion of branches started in 2019 and has expanded to 6 southern provinces and cities. We are ready for service development in central and northern Vietnam.

TKT Clean was established in December 2011, with the initial service of hourly domestic help. We provided the first and only professional, flexible, hourly domestic help solution in Ho Chi Minh City at that time.

Since 2013, TKT Clean has started providing general cleaning services for homes and offices and officially joined the industrial cleaning industry. With dedication, friendliness, honesty, TKT Clean is gradually being loved in Ho Chi Minh City and widely known as the leading cleaning company.

In 2016, started providing specialized cleaning services. TKT Clean launched leading and professional cleaning brands applying foreign standards: TKT Carpet – Carpet Cleaning, TKT Maids – Office cleaning, TKT Factory – factory cleaning, TKT Floor – Polishing stone floor

In 2018, TKT Clean started building the TKT Mart brand to provide the most complete cleaning solution for customers. Not only providing services, we provide the best sanitary products and equipment for customers. Especially, TKT Mart focuses on providing sanitary products according to Green, Biological and Natural technology.

In 2020, TKT Clean with its prestige and development received investment from Japan to raise the level of Vietnamese and Japanese quality services in Vietnam. As a result, TKT Clean customers will benefit from a new premium service of TKT Clean. Continue with customer orientation.

In 2021, TKT begins to expand its service to the northern and central provinces of Vietnam, so that customers in Vietnam can all use the leading cleaning service provided by TKT Clean.

Why choose TKT Clean?

Choosing TKT Clean by PRESTIGE with Customers has been built and maintained by us for the past 10 years with a Comprehensive, High Quality and Most Flexible Cleaning Service. The transparent and unified orientation of TKT Clean since its establishment is For Customers and Green for the Community.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
With the cleaning experts from TKT Clean, you are sure to get the best cleaning results according to expert standards. Cleaning standards are always pursued by us and maintained consistently in every project and branch.
Public liability insurance for customers
We always buy Public Liability Insurance for Customers. That means you have complete peace of mind when using the service. Helping customers trust and feel secure with TKT Clean is extremely important to all our activities.
All staff are well trained
Any staff working at the office, coming to the cleaning site at the construction site, they are well trained. They are periodically evaluated and their performance history is recorded. This ensures the best quality of service provided to customers.
GREEN Pledge - ECO
The orientation TKT Clean always pursues is cleaning according to the most environmentally friendly Green, Eco, Biological, Natural Process. It is a responsibility to our customers and to our community and the earth.
Free quotation via Website
We build apps so you can Get an estimated Online Quote in just a few clicks. It’s simple and quick to let you know the overall cost for your needs. It is an effort for TKT Clean’s customers.
Commitment to customer care
TKT Clean provides a consistent and high quality of service to all customers. If you are not completely satisfied with our service, Hotline 24/7/365 is always listening to find the best way to solve your problem.
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