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Hygiene is always important to maintain cleanliness in any place. Whether it is an office, a building, a school or a shopping mall. However, with medical facilities, especially hospitals, hygiene issues need to be paid more attention and enhanced. As this is considered a sensitive place, with great potential for spreading germs/infections. Every day, hospitals receive thousands of patients for examination and treatment. This makes many areas of the hospital very susceptible to becoming hot spots for pathogens.

Keeping your hospital properly cleaned and sanitized to the highest standards is the only way to prevent infection from spreading. And ensure a long & disease-free life for your patients. TKTClean knows the importance of maintaining a clean, disinfected, safe, and healthy hospital environment for patients and staff. We bring customers the best hospital cleaning service at the most suitable cost.

Remember, finding a reliable professional cleaning service for a hospital is a big challenge. And we are ready to help you overcome that challenge.

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1. Why do we need to clean the hospital?

Did you know that you are at risk of getting sick if you stay in the hospital for a long time. That’s because the hospital environment has many potential risks of disease when it contains many different disease carriers. Germs and bacteria also spread faster in public. Continuous use of stairs, telephones, elevators, chairs, etc. make the illness worse. In addition, there is potential for infection due to dirty medical instruments if they are not disinfected properly and regularly.

Nosocomial infections are one of the leading causes of preventable death today. The elderly and young children are especially vulnerable because their immune systems have trouble fighting off these powerful germs..

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For example, Clostridium difficile, a bacteria that causes colitis, diarrhea, and other intestinal diseases, is one of the most common preventable infections in hospitals..

Besides, you will really feel hospital hygiene is a necessity knowing that:

A 40% reduction in hospital-acquired conditions means approximately 1.8 million fewer patient injuries.

In addition, 1.6 million patients could recover without complications related to germs requiring another hospital stay..

The healthcare system can save up to 35 billion per year, if there is an effective professional hospital cleaning service.

Ineffective hospital cleaning can lead to diseases that could be prevented with a clean environment. They can also lead to repeated hospitalizations for hospital-acquired conditions. And ultimately, they cast doubt on your patients’ professionalism. With an overloaded and untrained hospital cleaning staff. Unhygienic rooms and areas have become breeding grounds for germs to grow. In other words, the demand for high quality hospital cleaning services has never been higher.

2. Hospital cleaning service of TKTClean

We understand how important it is to have a team of skilled cleaners for your hospital. Through safe hygiene practices and procedures, we can reduce cross-contamination and pathogens in hospitals. Our hospital cleaning services include cleaning and disinfecting common areas, and specialized areas. We can work with you to create a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection solution that meets the needs of your hospital in today’s ever-changing, disease-prone environment.

TKTClean has cleaned hospitals and has more than 10 years of experience in the cleaning field. We have accumulated knowledge and expertise day by day. Our staff uses quality cleaning products and advanced cleaning techniques to help hospitals maintain health and safety. We will work to meet any unique requirements you need for a comprehensive and best service experience..

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We always take the criterion “Everyone’s health is the center, especially the patients” as the goal of operation and development in the field of hospital cleaning services. Our services were created to help address the demanding hygiene needs of today’s hospitals. A quality service is evaluated based on: Risk reduction, Performance index increase, Infection prevention and patient satisfaction.

Our hospital cleaning services will include cleaning the following areas:
  • Hospital courtyard area
  • Lobby area, corridor
  • Waiting area
  • Clinic area
  • Area of ​​function rooms
  • Disease prevention area
  • Operating room area
  • Laboratory area
  • Dispensing area
  • Dining area
  • Office area
  • Toilet and bathroom area

3. Hospital cleaning work of TKTClean

We recognize the great importance of high quality hospital cleaning services. As such, we adhere to a time-tested standard of hygiene. To ensure that the service we provide is professional and thorough.

Basic cleaning tasks, performed daily such as:
  • Clean up the area outside the hospital
  • Sweeping, and mopping the lobby floors
  • Cleaning windows and doors
  • Clean door handles, stair handrails
  • Wipe tables and chairs in the numbering area, sit and wait
  • Cleaning of basic furniture in the common premises
  • Sanitize the toilet area
  • Check, and replace paper, soap
  • Replace trash bags, sort and collect garbage
  • ……
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Hình ảnh: Nhân viên lau hành lang bệnh viện
Nhan vien ve sinh phong mo
Hình ảnh: Nhân viên vệ sinh phòng mổ

We are ready to clean and disinfect all areas. Dive into the health care zones, special treatment. Perform cleaning work with higher technical requirements.

Specialized cleaning tasks such as:
  • Cleaning the clinic area
  • Digestive endoscopy room cleaning
  • Hygiene of the anesthesia room
  • Cleaning and disinfection of operating rooms and emergency rooms,
  • X-ray room cleaning
  • Cleaning the ultrasound room
  • Sanitize the testing room
  • Cleaning the recovery area
  • Physiotherapy room cleaning
  • Sanitize injection room
  • ….
Routine hospital cleaning services

As a full-service cleaning company, we offer comprehensive turnkey solutions to meet all hospital cleaning needs. In addition to our standard cleaning catalog. We also provide regular cleaning and maintenance services upon request. Deep cleans for banks are usually done quarterly or monthly depending on the level of customer traffic. Deeper cleaning during viral outbreaks can also be helpful in preventing the spread of germs

Jobs in this category include:
  • Landscape care
  • High-rise exterior glass cleaning
  • Regular carpet cleaning
  • Washing office chairs
  • Washing sofas
  • Hospital floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Polished marble floor
  • Polished terrazzo floor
  • Glossy vinyl floor
  • Air disinfection
  • ….

4. The process of performing hospital cleaning services

As we all know, when hospital cleaning companies do not do well, medical staff and patients will be disadvantaged, possibly even at risk. We consider this a primary concern and we do not take it lightly. For that reason, we built a fast workflow. Help your hospital be cleaned soon with the most appropriate cost

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Hình ảnh: Quy trình thực hiện dịch vụ vệ sinh

5. Why choose TKTClean’s hospital cleaning service?

Thorough training

We train our staff to provide comprehensive and customized hospital cleaning services. Includes the latest technology, promoting efficiency. Moreover, we are constantly improving and researching new tools and techniques.

Green cleaning chemicals

We use green, environmentally friendly products. This prevents hospital staff and patients from being affected by chemical odors. And do not cause diseases caused by chemicals.

Stick to standards and innovate

Our hospital hygienists cover every part of your medical center, ensuring a clean, hygienic space so patients can feel safe. Our care comes from every detail.

Modern disinfection

With TKT’s leading sterilization technology. 99.99% of germs and bacteria are eliminated on contact. Together with UVc light, easily reach easily missed surfaces. Include high-touch areas such as seats, door handles, and stair handrails.

10 Years of Experience

TKT Clean, the leading company in the field of providing cleaning services in Ho Chi Minh City. With many years of experience, we understand the nature of each specific need and easily offer the best solutions.

Appreciate Satisfaction

Our service is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied in any way. Just call us through our hotline numbers. All will be fixed quickly and efficiently

6. Quotation for hospital cleaning service

After receiving the customer information and conducting the survey. We will base on the actual needs, work level, number of employees as well as working time to give an appropriate service price. Here are the service packages that you can refer to. This price is divided based on the number of cleaning staff provided at each project.


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7. Frequently asked questions

Where can TKTClean provide hospital cleaning staff?

We provide cleaning staff for hospitals throughout the inner and outer districts of Ho Chi Minh City. Including City. Thu Duc and Hoc Mon, Cu Chi, Nha Be and Can Gio districts

How is routine cleaning provided?

The services in the periodic cleaning package will be provided by us according to the actual needs of the customer. The cost level is always appropriate to ensure that the bank branches can periodically use the services.

The number of cleaning staff that TKTClean can accommodate?

We have a large pool of cleaning staff. Can supply in bulk from 15 – 20 staff/a hospital

How to register to use the service?

If you have a need to use our cleaning service, you can directly contact the hotline number 0909.05.80.20, our consultants will assist you in choosing a service package as well as booking an appointment. survey. With 24/7 customer care criteria, we are always ready to support you at any time to provide you with the best cleaning solutions.

8. Request counseling

TKTClean has been raising the bar, delivering industry-leading cleaning standards to its customers, especially hospitals. We hope you feel that growth by becoming one of TKTClean’s newest customers. Call us today for more information and a free quote:

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