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As one of the leading units in Ho Chi Minh City in the field of cleaning, TKT Clean has many years of experience in providing cleaning staff, providing cleaning services for commercial centers and entertainment centers. locations throughout Ho Chi Minh City. We understand the specific requirements of different areas to be cleaned. Based on that, we bring the best quality services with excellent and friendly staff.

It is not too strange that most of us come to the shopping centers not only to shop. The time to come here is the time to relax and have fun with your family, friends, and relatives. Many commercial centers today have integrated eateries, amusement parks, and cinemas next to shopping display stalls. To turn the shopping experience into entertainment for the customers.

Today’s commercial center has gradually changed and developed a lot more than before. The demand for relaxation and fun here is constantly increasing, which means that the effort to maintain cleanliness here is also increasing. Every day, commercial centers have to welcome thousands of visitors and tourists. That’s why safety conditions and precautions are so important in the successful operation of shopping malls.

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1. Introducing commercial center cleaning service

With the special operation nature of commercial centers. Requires managers to multitask and make quick decisions. First of all, is to create a clean, healthy environment for employees as well as customers coming here. When the traffic is getting more and more crowded, especially during peak hours. The requirements for public safety have increased, the removal of polluting elements needs to be done quickly, and the need to deal with sanitary problems has been carried out. This requires a team of professional cleaning staff who have the most effective approach and handling problems.

Some shopping centers still choose to rent – self-manage. However, handling these cleaning tasks yourself is becoming difficult and more importantly, it is not profitable. Because in the end, buying tools, cleaning products, renting and maintaining equipment, and hiring staff costs a lot of time and money. The most profitable solution is to cooperate with a professional cleaning unit with qualified and experienced staff working on large projects.

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At TKT Clean, we’ve created a comprehensive mall cleaning service. From daily cleaning services to weekly, monthly, and quarterly cleaning services. We make sure that all areas in each center are perfect no matter the day or night. This contributes to creating an engaging and lively shopping and entertainment experience for visitors. We have many years of experience in the cleaning field. This allows us to develop the best cleaning strategies and solutions to suit all of our customers’ cleaning needs.

Are you looking for a professional commercial center cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh City? Our cleaning experts will help keep your center safe and clean.

2. Why do you need to clean shopping centers?

With public places, crowded places such as shopping centers and commercial centers. With hundreds, thousands of visitors moving, touching elevators, stalls, eating, and using toilets every day. Bacteria easily spread from person to person and spread everywhere in that shopping and entertainment space.

Research conducted by Charles Gerba found that out of 85 shopping carts, 50% contained E.Coli. bacteria

Toilet hand sinks contain up to 50,000 units of bacteria per square inch according to Biocote

POS machines and ATMs contain bacteria associated with bacillus and pseudomonas that can cause illness and diarrhea.

If hygiene in shopping centers is not focused on, customers easily feel they are not respected when coming here. Dissatisfaction will cause the mall to lose points and gradually reduce the number of visitors.

With TKT Clean, we always strive to bring the best and best quality to our customers. You will not need to worry about anything related to cleaning and hygiene. When you choose TKT Clean as a companion, you have chosen the most professional service, the best staff, and the most desirable quality.

3. Jobs in the cleaning service of commercial centers of TKT Clean

We have many years of experience in providing cleaning staff. Cleaning at shopping centers in HCMC. To maintain cleanliness and create a comfortable space for visitors. We perform the work in 2 packages: daily cleaning of the mall and periodic cleaning of the mall.

Daily cleaning service

Includes basic work, which needs to be performed regularly to ensure the space is always in the best state. With daily cleaning service, cleaning staff will work throughout from opening to closing. Can rotate shifts or split shifts to reduce the workload on peak holidays/Tet. The jobs will be:

  • Clean outdoor areas, corridors, steps, sidewalks, walkways, signage
  • Clean windows, doors, and glass doors within reach
  • Clean the interior aisles, elevators, escalators, and glass platforms
  • Wipe away the dirt on tables, and sofas, and wait for chairs on all floors
  • Cleaning in the lobby of the stalls, grease at the food counters
  • Sanitize the toilet area
  • Collect and collect garbage according to regulations
  • Handling temporary hygiene problems
  • …..
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Periodic cleaning service

In addition to the daily cleaning tasks. TKT Clean also provides other cleaning services that require more expertise and techniques. These services are performed depending on the actual needs and status of each shopping center. And they are done weekly/monthly/quarterly. The jobs include:

  • Landscape care
  • High-rise exterior glass cleaning
  • Regular carpet cleaning
  • Regular chair cleaning
  • Polished marble floor
  • Polished terrazzo floor
  • Glossy vinyl floor
  • Disinfect the air
  • ….

4. Service implementation process

With 10 years of operation in the field of industrial cleaning in general, office cleaning in particular. We accumulate experience through each different project. From there, build an efficient and optimal service process. Help quickly solve customer needs at the most appropriate cost.

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5. Why should you choose TKT Clean’s shopping center cleaning service?

10 years of experience

TKT Clean is the leading company in the field of providing cleaning services in Ho Chi Minh City. With many years of experience, we understand the nature of each specific need and easily offer the best solutions.

Excellent, flexible

TKT Clean’s cleaners have all the technical skills and abilities needed to keep the mall looking its best. Ability to work flexibly, and rotate 24 hours.

Friendly, safe

Our cleaners are completely non-toxic and safe for the environment. With international biological standards. But still, ensure the best cleaning ability

The above is just one of the hundreds of reasons why customers have trusted and chosen our services over the years. 5000 customers in 10 years is not a big number. But we believe it is enough to prove all the efforts and efforts that hundreds of employees of TKT Clean have put in. If those are still not enough for you to choose us as your travel companion. So let us show you some more fun! We have:

    • Individual solutions for each customer
    • Individual supervision for each project
    • Quality control according to international standards
    • Trained staff to handle emergency tasks
    • Clear work tasks
    • Providing services everywhere in HCMC

6. Quotation for cleaning service of the commercial center

After receiving the customer information and conducting the survey. We will base on the actual needs, the level of work, the number of employees as well as the working time to offer a suitable service price. Here are the service packages that you can refer to. This price is divided based on the number of cleaning staff provided at each project.


With periodic cleaning services. The service price will be sent to the customer after the survey

Hotline TKT Clean

7. Frequently asked questions

How does TKT Clean provide cleaning staff for large projects?

For the works is the commercial center. We provide cleaning staff for all sizes from small to large and very large. Depending on the size and requirements of the customer, we will arrange the most suitable number of employees.

Does TKT Clean provide equipment and chemicals for employees?

We have a separate supply of cleaning equipment and chemicals at a discounted price to support our customers. Customers can consider using this package instead of having to buy cleaning products and sanitary equipment themselves.

What chemicals does TKT Clean use?

We prioritize the use of the most modern cleaning equipment and machinery so that the cleaning staff can complete the work in the fastest and most effective way. Along with that are cleaning chemicals according to biotechnology, Green certification, ensuring the safety of our customers as well as our cleaning staff.

How to register to use the service?

If you need to use our cleaning service, you can directly contact the hotline at, our consultant will assist you in choosing the service package as well as schedule a survey. With 24/7 customer care criteria, we are always ready to support you at any time to provide you with the best cleaning solutions.

8. Our customer

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9. Contact Info

Our customer care department is available 24/7. With the goal of the best and fastest support for all your problems. If there are any questions or difficulties regarding hygiene. Please contact TKT Clean immediately through:

? Hotline:

? Website:

? Fanpage:

? Gpage:

Please fill in the consultation request information. We will contact you right away.

10. Video of commercial center cleaning service

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Online cleaning service quotes help you prepare a budget or compare between cleaning services. Although it is only an estimate, the quotation is guaranteed to be accurate from 80-100%. For the best price, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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