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Office Building Cleaning Service

TKT Clean, providing Professional and Prestigious office building cleaning and maintenance services since 2011. We provide High Quality service thanks to

  • Selecting the right cleaning staff, the right people.
  • Use high performance cleaning equipment.
  • The most reliable quality management system.
  • Flexible comprehensive solution suitable for many customers
  • Economical prices and always optimal to save even more.
  • Taking care of customers continuously, regularly to improve quality
  • Many programs give customers gratitude gifts on holidays and Tet.
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1. Flexible building cleaning service according to each customer's needs

The health and cleanliness of your building or office is vital to the success of your business. Your employees won’t be able to be productive in a dirty or unsightly environment. When clients come to visit you, an untidy office will not create confidence in your abilities. For these reasons and many others, you should hire the office building cleaning services of a knowledgeable and reputable cleaning company.

One of your top concerns when hiring cleaning services is getting a high-quality service within your budget. For this reason, we create a custom cleaning program for each Customer premises. Our goal is to help you Get the Most Out of your budget.

Every office or building has different needs. That’s why you’ll receive a building cleaning plan tailored specifically to your unique needs. Our experts will perform a full needs assessment at your work site and prepare a detailed quote with scope of work.

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2. Daily building cleaning tasks

This is one of the common office and building cleaning tasks for your reference:

  • Empty all trash
  • Surface dust
  • Clean and disinfect toilets
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Sweep and mop hard floors
  • General office cleaning (entrance, elevator, stairs)
nhan vien ve sinh san sanh

TKT Clean also provides full or partial facility management, problem areas support and temporary staffing. Our building cleaning services cover all your needs, including areas you may not have thought of before, such as chimney cleaning, air conditioning systems and maintenance. light.

3. Routine, exterior building cleaning tasks

Cleaning service outside, on high

If you are in need of cleaning services outside, on high buildings, we will assist you. Outsourced services include:

  • Cleaning glass and windows of high-rise buildings
  • Wash the wall with a pressure washer outside the building
  • Periodic shot of waterproof silicone
  • Paint the exterior wall of the building
  • Landscape and park care
  • Sweep the campus around the building
du day lau kinh dinh ky
Dịch vụ vệ sinh tòa nhà vnaw phòng định kỳ

Regular and intensive cleaning and maintenance services

Other special cleaning and maintenance tasks for buildings and offices

  • Polished natural stone floor Marble (marble), Granite (marble), Terrazzo (grinding stone), Concrete.
  • Floor peeling, floor epoxy paint.
  • Glossy vinyl floor, anti-static Vinyl ESD
  • Carpet cleaning, chair washing, curtain cleaning, office partition cleaning
  • Disinfect the air, building surfaces

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4. Customers use the building cleaning service of TKT Clean

We proudly serve a wide variety of industries with office building cleaning and others cleaning services. Our areas of service include but are not limited to:

Our Customers

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  • Health facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Grocery
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Distribution Center
  • Office building
  • Schools
  • State agencies in the city
  • Airport
  • Train and bus station
  • Subway
  • Shopping mall
  • Stadium
  • Cinema
  • Fitness center

5. Quotation for providing building and office cleaning staff

Note: The above prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact TKT Clean to receive the latest and most accurate quotation.

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6. Why choose TKT Clean?


7. Customers talk about us

8. Customer care 24/7/356

Our customers have access to our 24-hour call center. All TKT Clean supervisors and managers are equipped with cell phones with GPS functionality. This ensures you a quick response to any emergency at any time.

A quick call will initiate action. We are committed to dealing with emergencies within 24 hours of receiving the call, free of charge, to

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9. Process of providing building cleaning services


Survey advise

Actual survey at buildings, offices, works of customers. Record all daily and periodic cleaning requirements; maintenance requirements; personnel requirements and other special notes.


Quote with solution

Detailed building cleaning service quotation including staff costs; chemicals, equipment, cleaning machines, consumables; periodic, special cleaning costs; insurance costs; other costs…


Implementation services

The service deployment at the construction site is always supervised by the construction site, monitoring the deployment support area until the job is best done with the proficiency of the cleaning staff.


Quality management

Quality management continuously reports to customers with forms, checklists to check the hygiene of buildings and offices with a team of skilled and dedicated construction supervisors and area supervisors.

10. Frequently Asked Questions

Why register 1 month in advance?

Early service registration helps us prepare the best personnel and equipment to deploy for your project. Especially large buildings with many cleaning staff. This optimizes costs for us and you.

What is the shortest possible contract term?

Normally, building cleaning services are contracted for 1 year. In some special cases, we can sign 3-month, 6-month, and 9-month contracts. Depending on each specific case, we always have the most suitable solution for your office or company.

What are the strengths of TKT Clean building cleaning company?

TKT Clean has a lot of experience in providing cleaning services for office buildings in Vietnam with many types of large and small projects.

  • Especially, TKT Clean is always flexible for all needs of customers from small to large.
  • Besides applying new and advanced cleaning processes of the world, TKT Clean continuously researches and innovates to bring more value to Customers, helping customers save costs and time.
  • TKT Clean building cleaning company also applies quality management according to the Japanese process that has been transferred technology, helping customers always feel secure.

Which top does the TKT Clean office building cleaning service ranked in Ho Chi Minh City?

With more than 5,000 customers who are buildings and offices who have trusted in using TKT Clean’s building cleaning, we are proud to be one of the 10 companies (Top10) providing the most professional and prestigious cleaning services for customers. for office buildings.

Does TKT Clean provide apartment building management services?

Currently, TKT Clean only focuses on cleaning, disinfecting and pest control services, but has not yet deployed apartment building management services. That is the area we aim to enter in the near future in the company’s business plan.

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11. Contact Information

Our customer care department is available 24/7. With the goal of the best and fastest support for all your problems. If there are any questions or difficulties related to the cleaning of the building. Please contact TKT Clean immediately through:

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