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Do you think a professional bank cleaning service is essential for your financial base?

In the competitive and bustling banking industry. You need to maintain a professional environment. Customer experience is the key issue to making them come back again and again. We know that the bank space is important and requires a high standard of cleaning. With chemical requirements as well as strict working processes. And TKTClean’s Bank Cleaning Service is always ready to bring you a new, clean, and hygienic banking facility.

At TKTClean, we understand whether your financial institution needs basic to advanced cleaning services. We work tirelessly to ensure that our cleaning services for banks adhere to strict standards. Count on our professional cleaners to deliver personalized solutions that exceed your expectations. Make a lasting impression on your banking customers and avail of our bank cleaning service today.

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1. Why need to clean the bank?

A professional bank. Not only is it assessed through products, services, staff attitudes, problem-solving methods, etc., but also in a clean and tidy environment. The hygiene of businesses that are banks or financial institutions is quite special. Because it affects not only the employees, who work there like other offices. It also directly affects the customers using the service here.

Maintain a professional atmosphere

Maintain a professional atmosphere

First impressions matter in any type of business. And they’re especially important when you’re in the financial industry. If your bank seems unprofessional, people can hardly be trusted to hand over money or communicate their financial needs.

Of course, a lot of factors determine the professional atmosphere in your bank. For example, you should keep the exterior of your building clean and properly landscaped. The inside of your bank should also look nice and clean. A professional office cleaning service can help you with this part and help you make a good impression on your customers when they walk into your bank.

Reduce the spread of pathogens

Reduce the spread of pathogens

Your financial institution helps a lot of customers on average in a day. You have many customers coming and going to deposit or withdraw money or request service from your teller. Because your employees work with so many people and handle money, they are exposed to a lot of germs, which they can then spread to customers.

Year-round, but especially during cold and flu season, focus on keeping your teller area clean to help prevent germs from spreading from person to person. At the very least, have someone mop the floor and clean the counter regularly.

Ensure the health of employees

Ensure the health of employees

A dirty office can negatively impact employee morale and make work difficult, which will definitely affect the success of your business. In fact, the number of sick days the average employee takes each year is directly correlated with the number of germs on the desk.

So, the purpose of a professional office cleaning service is to remove the germs and allergens commonly found on desks, computers, keyboards, lunch tables and carpets. Office cleaning means healthier employees and a more productive workplace.

Bank cleaning services can help keep your teller area clean and sanitary and can therefore help prevent illness for everyone. You can also take additional steps to prevent the spread of germs, such as placing hand sanitizer on the counter for use by both employees and customers.

2. Bank cleaning service of TKT Clean

Protect your employees and guests from the spread of germs and bacteria in your facility with our banking and financial cleaning services. TKTClean specializes in cleaning and disinfecting these types of facilities and understands that they have unique needs and require special attention.

Our team of bank cleaning experts has the specific industry experience and will target hotspots to minimize the risk of cross-contamination within your financial institution. A clean, safe and healthy environment is essential for everyone.

Our cleaning experts will tour your facility and discuss your unique requirements and then customize a cleaning plan that perfectly meets your needs. We can work during your business hours to avoid interrupting your customers and we will schedule our service as often as you want. Daily, weekly, monthly – we’re here to help you whenever you need it.

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TKT Clean bank cleaning service provides:

  • Professionally Trained Hygienist
  • Advanced green cleaning products
  • Industry-leading cleaning techniques and processes
  • Flexible cleaning schedule
  • In-depth expertise in financial institutions

We’ll cover every aspect of your facility, from the lobby to the conference room to the office – and everywhere else you need it.

3. Bank cleaning of TKT Clean

We have a wide range of cleaning processes and packages. All can be adjusted according to the actual needs and desires of the customer. For environments with dense customer density such as banks. Then we focus on the following work items:

  • Vacuum and disinfect:

    Your customers and employees come into contact with a variety of surfaces throughout the day. Let our cleaners clean and disinfect your ATM, phone, counter, and keyboard.

  • Floor care:

    We can clean any floor. Including carpet, brick, and wood. Our cleaning staff will use the right products and equipment to keep your floors looking spotless.

  • Toilet cleaning:

    Bank cleaning services can manage public restrooms for your guests and employees. We will clean every part of the restroom meticulously and carefully

  • Provide products:

    Our staff will monitor and replenish tissues, trash bags, and other essentials to keep your space clean. Combine our cleaning with light maintenance or porter services to re-supply the office.

  • Garbage handling:

    We have experience in handling a wide variety of waste, including recyclable and secure materials.

Work with us to create an efficient and optimal cleaning plan.

3.1 Daily cleaning of the bank

A good commercial cleaning team will handle the same general cleaning tasks for a bank or financial institution as they do for many other types of businesses. Those routine cleanings include:

  • Sweeping, and mopping the lobby floors
  • Cleaning windows and doors
  • Clean door handles, stair handrails
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Wipe desks, chairs, and transaction counters
  • Cleaning ATM counters
  • Cleaning basic furniture
  • Sanitize the toilet area
  • Check, and replace paper, soap
  • Replace garbage bags, collect garbage
  • ……
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3.2 Clean the bank periodically

We also provide other periodic cleaning services. These services are highly specialized, requiring a certain skill and technique. Deep cleans for banks are usually done quarterly or monthly depending on the level of customer traffic. Deeper cleaning during viral outbreaks can also be helpful in preventing the spread of germs:

The services we provide in this package include:

  • Landscape care
  • High-rise exterior glass cleaning
  • Regular carpet cleaning
  • Washing office chairs
  • Washing sofas
  • Polished marble floor
  • Polished terrazzo floor
  • Glossy vinyl floor
  • Disinfect the air
  • ….

4. The process of performing bank cleaning services

With 10 years of operation in the field of industrial cleaning in general, office cleaning in particular. We accumulate experience through each different project. From there, build an efficient and optimal service process. Help quickly solve customer needs at the most appropriate cost.

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5. Why choose TKT Clean’s bank cleaning service?

Put security first

We respect the safety and security of your workplace. TKTClean requires cleaning staff to wear full uniforms and have an employee ID card. We also recruit employees with clear and transparent profiles

Modern disinfection

With TKT’s leading sterilization technology. 99.99% of germs and bacteria are eliminated on contact. Together with UVc light, easily reach easily missed surfaces. Includes high-touch areas such as keypads, ATMs, and door handles.

Excellence & Flexibility

TKT Clean’s cleaners have all the professional skills and abilities needed to keep a school looking its best. Each client has their own cleaning plan. Can be changed flexibly

10 Years of Experience

TKT Clean is the leading company in the field of providing cleaning services in Ho Chi Minh City. With many years of experience, we understand the nature of each specific need and easily offer the best solutions.

Friendly & Safe

Our employees are trained to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in the workplace. Our cleaners are completely non-toxic, and safe for health and the environment. But still, ensure the best cleaning ability

Appreciate Satisfaction

Our service is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied in any way. Just call us through our hotline numbers. All will be fixed quickly and efficiently

6. Quotation for bank cleaning service

After receiving the customer information and conducting the survey. We will base on the actual needs, work level, number of employees as well as working time to give an appropriate service price. Here are the service packages that you can refer to. This price is divided based on the number of cleaning staff provided at each project.

With periodic cleaning services. The service price will be sent to the customer after the survey

Hotline TKT Clean

7. Frequently asked questions

Where can TKT Clean provide bank cleaners?

We provide cleaning staff for banks throughout the inner and outer districts of Ho Chi Minh City. Including Thu Duc and Hoc Mon, Cu Chi and Nha Be districts

How is routine cleaning provided?

The services in the periodic cleaning package will be provided by us according to the actual needs of the customer. The cost level is always appropriate to ensure that the bank branches can periodically use the services.

If I need more than one staff in different bank branches, will it be provided?

Our human resources are close to 1000 employees. Distributed throughout HCMC area. We can meet the staffing needs of 1-15 people everywhere

How to register to use the service?

If you have a need to use our cleaning service, you can directly contact the hotline number 0909.05.80.20, our consultants will assist you in choosing a service package as well as booking an appointment. survey. With the criteria of 24/7 customer care, we are always ready to support you at any time to provide you with the best cleaning solutions.

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9. Request counseling

Our bank cleaning service has grown tremendously in recent years. We hope you feel that growth by becoming one of TKTClean’s newest customers. Call us today for more information and a free quote:

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Please fill in the consultation request information, we will contact you shortly.

10. Video of bank cleaning service

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From a management perspective, the cost is always a very important factor. TKT Clean allows you to estimate the cost of a Comprehensive, Detailed, and 100% Free office cleaning.

Online cleaning service quotes help you prepare a budget, or compare between cleaning services. Although it is only an estimate, the quotation is guaranteed to be accurate from 80-100%. For the best price, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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