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MLee 3000 street sweeper with dust suppression


The MLee 3000 road sweeper is an automatic control feature device. With the ability to sweep, vacuum, collect a variety of waste. Using equipment helps protect the urban environment where you live, contributing to protecting human health.

  • SKU: MLEE3000
  • Control power: 2200W
  • Main brush power: 1200W
  • Side brush power: 60W * 4 pieces
  • Suction motor: 600W
  • Vibration motor: 125W * 2 pieces
  • Injection motor: 1000W
  • Scanning Width: 2200mm
  • Main brush diameter: 800mm
  • Side brush diameter: 500mm

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The city you live in every day generates tons of household waste and dirt. With the MLee3000 Street Sweeper, it will support sanitation workers to collect and clean up trash, dust, etc. The jobs that thousands of sanitation workers can’t do every morning. Using a road sweeper helps to free up human labor. Perform cleaning jobs quickly, saving time and effort. Protecting a clean and safe living environment for our health.

– TKT Clean would like to introduce the MLee3000 industrial sweeper truck with the following product information:

1. Specifications of MLee3000 street sweeper:


  • SKU: MLEE3000
  • Driving motor power: 2200W
  • Main brush power: 1200W
  • Side brush power: 60W * 4 pieces
  • Suction motor power: 600W
  • Vibration motor power: 125W * 2 pieces
  • Injection motor power: 1000W
  • Suction injection pressure: 80 Bar
  • Air flow rate: 14 – 22 L/min
  • Scanning Width: 2200mm
  • Main brush diameter: 800mm
  • Side brush diameter: 500mm
  • Slope: 30%
  • Filter area: 16 m²
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Battery: 200Ah * 8 pieces
  • Cleaning efficiency: 18000M²/h
  • Driving speed: 0 – 10 km/h
  • Working speed: 0 – 8 km/h
  • Cleaning tank capacity: 200L
  • Trash bin capacity: 250L
  • Working time: 6-8 hours
  • Machine weight: 1150kg
  • Machine size: 2500 * 2000 * 2600 mm
  • Packing size: 2600 * 1750 * 2050mm = 9.33CBM
Tổng quan các góc nhìn của máy quét đường MLee3000
Image: Overview of the MLee3000

2. Features of MLee3000 street sweeper truck:

2.1. What is a street sweeper?

  • Street sweeper has many other names such as street sweeper, industrial sweeper, dust collector … This device is responsible for collecting waste, sweeping dust for outdoor spaces. Specifically, the machine performs cleaning of streets, industrial parks, urban areas … In short, the spaces have a very large area, operating places with an area of ​​​​up to tens of thousands of square meters.
  • Using the machine helps to clean living space quickly – clean – beautiful. Helps save time and labor costs. At the same time, this machine contributes to improving the urban landscape to become clean, modern and civilized. And protect human health, who are discharging domestic waste every day.
  • To perform sweeping, cleaning the machine has a brush system with a wide scrubbing diameter. Make sure to wipe out a variety of garbage, even the smallest leaves. At the same time, this product line of MLee is equipped with a dust suppression spray gun.
  • In addition, the MLee 3000 road sweeper has a supercharged water nozzle, you can use this device to spray stains. At the same time, using this device to water plants is also very effective. Can adjust the amount of water, watering plants from low to high position.
  • Control the features through the automatic control system integrated with buttons and remote control device.

2.2. The outstanding features of the MLee3000 road sweeper:

  • The road sweeper has an extremely high-performance motor that effectively cleans a large area in a short period of time. Each cleaning operation has its own motive, which helps to perform many tasks simultaneously. Therefore, this is a multi-function integrated device suitable for large spaces.
  • As mentioned above, the MLee 3000 street sweeper has a mist gun. This device is used to stamp out dust generated in the process of sweeping dust and dirt. With small water droplets, far coverage, immediate dust suppression effect. Ensure environmental sanitation, safety for workers’ health.
  • High pressure water jet with powerful spray force. However, you can adjust the amount of water through the handheld controller. The nozzle has a long tube, the spray width is up to 15m.
  • With the design of the trash can with a large capacity, it contains a lot of dust and garbage. At the same time, the equipment has a modern double-layer filtration system, the filtration area is 2 times that of conventional products. Helps filter dust not to return to the environment and affect the internal machinery system.
  • The MLee3000 street sweeper is a highly secure device. Capable of absorbing impact force on the front wheel. In particular, the emergency stop button helps to stop the vehicle when a breakdown or emergency occurs. There is a flashing light to notify when the industrial road sweeper works at night.
Xe quét rác công nghiệp MLee3000 thực hiện vệ sinh khuôn viên nhà xưởng
Photo: Industrial sweeper truck MLee3000 cleans the factory premises

3. Structure of MLee3000 street sweeper truck:

Industrial sweeper truck MLee 3000, in charge of cleaning dust and garbage. This is a driving device like a truck when there is a container behind. Specifically, the road sweeper has the following main components:

3.1. Machine engine:

  • This is the most important part, the “heart” of the road sweeper. The rotary motor generates work to help operate the sweep, suction, injection, and movement. A large capacity motor, stable operation helps the device clean effectively.
  • Moreover, the MLee 3000 industrial sweeper has up to 6 engines, taking on different jobs. Thanks to this, the new device can perform many functions in parallel.

3.2. Cockpit:

  • The cockpit is where the operator sits to operate the road sweeper. With a chamber design that can cover the sun and rain, it is not afraid to work outdoors with many types of weather.
  • The operator has a comfortable outer seat that does not cause fatigue when working for a long time. In front of the seat position is a control panel with integrated features via an automatic control button system. In particular, with this line of street sweepers, there is an emergency stop button to stop the machine immediately when the vehicle is damaged or has problems.
  • The steering wheel, also known as the steering wheel, helps control the direction of the sweeper. The machine can clean many nooks and crannies.
  • The accelerator pedal is the part that adjusts the speed, specifically, if you want to accelerate, you need to step on the accelerator and vice versa. It’s not that different from a monk when driving a car. With the highest speed when running up to 10km / h or reaching the maximum speed when walking while sweeping is 8km / h. You don’t have to worry about spending too much time using this device.

3.3. Wheels:

This device has 3 wheels, one front wheel and two rear wheel. The front wheel has the ability to navigate, while absorbing the impact force, the rear two wheels help balance the vehicle. Of course, the main function of this part is to help lift other parts. Simultaneously move to many different places. They are quite large in size to bear loads of up to hundreds of pounds when the machine is full of garbage and water.

3.4. Brushes:

Is the part with the task of moving through the action of the motor to perform garbage collection. With the MLee 3000 sweeper, there are 4 brushes with effective cleaning ability. They put garbage and dirt into the suction mouth to bring up the container.

3.5. Suction mouth of the device:

Works when dirt and garbage are collected and put into the suction mouth. The brush will perform the feature of collecting garbage through the pipe and then transporting it to the inside of the container.

3.6. Container:

The device has two containers, including a trash can and a clean water tank.

  • Garbage container with the task of containing waste, leaves and dirt are led from the suction mouth up through the pipeline. With the capacity to hold 250L of dirty water or the equivalent of 250kg of garbage. With a large volume, you can store a lot of garbage without having to use work to take out the trash.
  • The clean water tank is responsible for storing water to serve misting dust or watering plants. With a tank capacity of 200L, the device is extremely convenient when filling a lane for many hours.
Cận cảnh buồng lái của xe quét đường hút bụi MLee3000
Photo: Close-up of the cockpit of the MLee3000 . dust collector

4. Role and application of MLee3000 street sweeper:

With many outstanding features and features, the MLee 3000 street sweeper is a “sanitation hero” for the city. So what are the roles and applications of devices for human life?

4.1. The role of the road sweeper MLee3000:

  • First, with the ability to effectively clean, the sweeper helps to keep the living environment, roads and workplaces clean and cool. Helping the streets, alleys, urban areas become more beautiful and civilized.
  • Therefore, with this device, it helps to reduce environmental pollutants such as household waste. In urban areas and big cities, the amount of garbage is not in the right place. Leaves fly at the top of the road, which not only loses the urban landscape and adversely affects the environment.
  • With its performance, the car can replace up to dozens of cleaning workers. Collecting waste quickly, in large quantities, returning the landscape of a civilized, modern city.
  • A healthy and clean digital environment contributes to the protection of human health. From now on, many kinds of insects as well as diseases such as dengue fever and infectious diseases spread. You also use the mist nozzle to spray disinfectant. Extremely convenient, isn’t it?
  • Using this product line helps to solve environmental problems, minimize the number of workers that are always in short supply in the first-class cities in our country.
  • With the feature of misting, dust suppression when performing cleaning. The device does not pollute the air environment. This will also not affect the people around.
  • This machine helps to liberate labor when a car needs only one driver to replace more than 10 workers.

4.2. Application of road sweeper MLee3000:

  • Currently, the pollution situation in the densely populated cities in our country is extremely serious. The amount of household waste is huge. If they are not cleaned up, regular collection will pollute the environment. Specifically:
  • Affecting the soil environment, garbage disappears to decompose in the new year. Affects the aquatic environment. When water from decomposing garbage contains toxic substances or plastic bags, it affects the aquatic ecosystem. Above all, it affects human health through drinking water. Above all, garbage left for too long, not cleaned in time, will have flies, mosquitoes, and insects that can spread diseases to people.
  • All of the above problems can be completely solved by the MLee3000 street sweeper. The vehicle performs cleaning for large, densely populated areas such as streets, warehouses, industrial parks, export processing zones, etc. It is not only used to sweep streets but also industrial parks and ports.
  • Vehicles move flexibly on many types of terrain and areas, handling many different types of waste. Moreover, the cleaning ability is extremely high, ensuring safety for workers and people.
  • However, the price of this product is a bit high from tens of millions to hundreds of millions. However, with the benefits it brings, this product is worth the investment.

Hình ảnh thực tế máy quét đường MLee3000 thực hiện vệ sinh

Image: Actual image of the MLee3000 road scanner cleaningCận cảnh còi phun nước áp suất cao tưới cây

Photo: Close-up of a high-pressure sprayer to water plants

5. Where can I buy a reputable MLee3000 street sweeper in Ho Chi Minh City?

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Weight 1150 kg
Dimensions 250 × 200 × 260 cm


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