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Why choose us, TKT Clean?

Choose TKT Clean for the PRESTIGE with Customers that we have built and maintained over the past 10 years with the most comprehensive, High Quality and Flexible Cleaning Service. The transparent and consistent orientation of TKT Clean since its establishment is For Customers and Green for the Community.

Intensive Cleaning Service

  • Cleaning carpet and office chair
  • Cleaning carpet at home, decorative carpets
  • Washing partitions
  • Washing curtains
  • Washing mattress
  • Cleaning glass of high-rise buildings
  • Cleaning billboards, logos on high
  • Shotting waterproof silicone
  • Water-based paint on the outside
  • Replace facade glass
  • Polishing natural stone floor Marble, Granite
  • Polishing Concrete floor, grinding stone, Terrazzo
  • Polishing Vinyl, Terrazzo, Plastic
  • Polishing stone stairs
  • Polishing concrete floor
  • Air sterilization
  • Kill mold in the air
  • Insecticides
  • Cleaning air conditioners, HVAC systems

Discount for customers who reuse the service

Are you in need of regular cleaning services? We offer great savings to our loyal customers. Apply for 2nd service use.

Discount 10%
Cleaning every 6 months
Discount 15%
Quarterly Cleaning
Discount 20%
Monthly Cleaning

Quotation for cleaning service

The price is not the cheapest, but the best on the market. Best price for the worthy quality you get.

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