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Anyone who works in the field of education and training wants to receive positive reviews about their training institution. Not just from students – students or faculty. But also from the parents. A series of criteria that we often give to evaluate the quality of an educational institution include: teaching methods, facilities, learning conditions, … And an indispensable thing is a clean environment.

Ensuring a healthy living, learning, and playing space is not an easy thing. With the level of work, a large workspace will easily make managers feel difficult and challenged. They will need a lot more effort to maintain a green – clean – beautiful school.

However, things can be so much simpler and easier when we have a dedicated and professional School Cleaning Service. Would you believe it when we ensure that educational institutions are completely satisfied with TKT Clean’s leading school cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh City? Check out the article below to learn more about us!

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1. Why should schools be clean?

A professional learning environment. Not only is it assessed in the professional teaching team. But also in a clean, safe environment. So that students can freely exercise their minds, and bodies and have fun. Good school hygiene means that we are creating a comprehensive development condition for students – students studying here. And that’s just one of the many reasons why school hygiene needs more attention and attention.

Make a good impression, attract parents

If a school can ensure students – students can study, practice, and play in a space that meets the best hygiene and safety standards for health. Then this will be a special school and very different from other competitors.

Because they understand the importance of children’s health for parents. Especially preschools, elementary schools, and high schools.

Good environment to educate people

In addition to education, a student takes lessons in discipline, honesty, and cleanliness at school. Therefore, a school needs to maintain a hygienic atmosphere and a clean space.

As they learn to maintain a healthy environment at school, they will also implement the same routine of keeping spaces clean at home.

Ensure health to study

Keeping schools clean can help slow the spread of disease and reduce the number of students and teachers getting sick. Influenza viruses can live on surfaces for 48 hours after contact and continue to infect other students who touch the surface.

When students are better protected from the flu and the common cold, they are better able to learn and have fewer absences from school.

2. School cleaning service of TKT Clean

To attract people to your institution. It is imperative that it is kept clean at all times. This is why hiring a school cleaning service becomes so important.

However, when it comes to finding an ideal unit that can provide this service. You need to consider the experience, license, and level of training of the cleaning staff. At TKTClean, we always strive to provide the best school cleaning service possible. And we guarantee optimal results. You will never have to worry about cleanliness and hygiene or safety when choosing to use our services.

TKTClean – The leading school cleaning service provider in HCMC. And we have different things that make schools so much better.

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We provide school cleaning services including:

  • Cleaning lobby area, corridor, and reception.
  • Clean classrooms and lecture halls.
  • Cleaning canteen area, canteen.
  • Cleaning sports halls, halls.
  • Sanitize the toilet area.
  • Other intensive routine & routine cleaning services.

3. TKT Clean’s school cleaning work

With 10 years of experience in the field of general hygiene. And school cleaning service in particular. We have a wealth of experience gathered through each different project. Thanks to that, we can easily assess the level of work, and the appropriate cleaning tasks that the work will need. TKT Clean can also provide a variety of services to different educational institutions and schools, including:

  • Preschool
  • Primary school
  • High school
  • Colleges and universities
  • Other educational centers such as foreign language centers, math centers, gifted training centers, etc.

3.1 Cleaning kindergartens and kindergartens

Cleaning at preschools and kindergartens requires our cleaning staff to be thorough and meticulous. And close attention should be paid to all areas, even the smallest detail.

Cleaning preschools, kindergartens we will clean areas including:

  • Main door, window, door handle
  • Walls, columns in the classroom
  • Equipment used frequently in the room such as fans, controls, switches, …
  • Children’s game sets, tables, and chairs
  • Mattresses, pillows, pillows

Moreover, young children often spend time playing on the floor. Therefore, we pay more attention to the care of the floor. We also offer extensive carpet cleaning services, including full carpet vacuuming.

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3.2 Primary and secondary school cleaning

For elementary and middle schools, the school cleaning process will become more complicated. Our school cleaners have to expand the work area to other places. No longer encapsulated in classrooms but includes:

  • Cleaning meeting rooms, administrative rooms
  • Classroom and laboratory cleaning
  • Sweeping, mopping corridors, stairs, handrails
  • Clean up the dining area, canteen
  • Sanitize the sports learning area
  • Sanitize the toilet area
  • Collect and gather garbage according to regulations
  • ……..

With some elementary and middle schools. Students are supplemented with computer science subjects. Therefore, cleaning the computer room, and cleaning equipment such as computer screens, mice, and keyboards is also one of the tasks to do.

3.3 Cleaning universities and colleges

University and college cleaning poses an even greater challenge due to the large campus and the many common areas. So in addition to the cleaning duties like in high school. Our staff also need:

  • Cleaning reading room, library,
  • Cleaning the sports hall, gym,
  • Sweeping the hall area, the large lecture hall
  • Cleaning the dormitory
  • …..

However, our cleaning staff is well trained to handle cleaning tasks in each area professionally and safely.

Our staff takes care of and cleans each building and every campus in the school. To create a sense of learning comfort and pride for the faculty, students, and school administrators.

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4. The process of implementing school cleaning services

With 10 years of operation in the field of industrial cleaning in general, office cleaning in particular. We accumulate experience through each different project. From there, build an efficient and optimal service process. Help quickly solve customer needs at the most appropriate cost.

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5. Why choose TKT Clean’s school cleaning service?

10 years of experience

TKT Clean is the leading company in the field of providing cleaning services in Ho Chi Minh City. With many years of experience, we understand the nature of each specific need and easily offer the best solutions.

Excellent, flexible

TKT Clean’s cleaners have all the professional skills and abilities needed to keep a school looking its best. Each client has their own cleaning plan.

Friendly, safe

Our cleaners are completely non-toxic, and safe for health and the environment. But still, ensure the best cleaning ability

6. School cleaning service quote

After receiving the customer information and conducting the survey. We will base on the actual needs, work level, number of employees as well as working time to give an appropriate service price. Here are the service packages that you can refer to. This price is divided based on the number of cleaning staff provided at each project.


With periodic cleaning services. The service price will be sent to the customer after the survey

Hotline TKT Clean

7. Frequently asked questions

In which areas does TKTClean also provide school cleaning services?

We also provide services for all types of schools from kindergarten, primary school, and high school to university in all districts and Thu Duc city in HCMC.

Does the cleaning chemical TKTClean use affect children?

TKTClean uses cleaning chemicals according to biotechnology, and Green certification, ensuring the safety of children as well as our cleaning staff.

How is routine cleaning provided?

The services in the periodic cleaning package will be provided by us according to the actual needs of the customer. The cost is always appropriate to ensure the school can use the services on a regular basis.

How to register to use the service?

If you have a need to use our cleaning service, you can directly contact the hotline number 0909.05.80.20, our consultants will assist you in choosing a service package as well as booking an appointment. survey. With the criteria of 24/7 customer care, we are always ready to support you at any time to provide you with the best cleaning solutions.

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9. Request counseling

Our school cleaning service has grown tremendously in recent years. We hope you feel that growth by becoming one of TKTClean’s newest customers. Call us today for more information and a free quote:

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Please fill in the contact information below. We will call you back as soon as we can.

10. Video of school cleaning service

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